I recognize it.
Its name is Anger.

It flies from the heart to the mind
through veins;
through temples and eyes.

It lay dormant,
sleeping under regret
and guilt.

But something awoke it.
It pushed itself out
from it’s watery heart hole
of tearful fear and insecurity.

With the first fresh breath
it reared it’s pointed head
and roared to the edges of the universe.
A beautiful and frightening spectacle.

It isn’t loved,
but it doesn’t care.
It exists.

This scaly thing
with its glittering eyes
and thrashing tail
spreads it’s giant wings
and flies through the depths of consciousness.

It screeches through the thin air,
threatening anyone who dares to acknowledge its presence.

But as all creatures do
it eventually tires
and returns to the heart
where it curls it’s massive tail under
and prepares for another great hibernation.


  1. Great poem! Very creative and the imagery used is awesome. I haven’t read a good poem like this for a long time. For anyone interested, here is a link about how to reduce anger.

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