True Blood & The Shadow Effect

So I’m reading the book The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of your True Self. In essense, it’s about embracing that side of ourselves that we don’t want to admit to in order to become a whole person. The “shadow self” is the secret side of ourselves that we don’t dare show anyone, not to our partners or our own mothers. By opening our concious selves to our own dark side, the authors claim, we weaken the power of our shadow instead of burying it in denial and thus allowing it to rear it’s ugly head in deeply subconcious ways like feeling guilt or hating others with what we actually hate about ourselves.”

“The unconscious has a goal, which is to keep us unconcious.”

So I dutifully read a bit of the book after work and then decided to take a break with the campy vampire series and my recent obsession, True Blood. I naively thought this would be a little hiatus from my exhausting self-examination, but no. This series is absolutely relevant to my journey.

The whole series is about good vs. evil and how the “good” are actually not so good and “evil” are actually not so evil. As a viewer, you get all mixed up about how to feel about the characters. A cute-n-cuddly human southern boy character shows his dark side when he becomes addicted to vampire blood, a.k.a. “V”. Pairing up with a raw-vegan do-gooder also with a taste for V, he kidnaps an innocent vampire and keeps him locked up to take his blood. On the other hand, one of the town vampires, who falls in love with a human woman, shows his “human” side by drinking only synthetic blood and morally struggling with converting a human when put to vampire trial for killing another vampre (in an attempt to save a human).

This show is at first glance just another campy series, but it’s meaning is nothing short of a Shakespearian tragedy of humanity’s struggle with itself.

We are all good, and we are all bad. The more we try to cover up our bad side and put our angelic side on show, here comes trouble. I’ve met my own dark side these past years in that old favourite of humanity, deciet and betrayal. The idea of not being a “good person” has tortured me, but the more I open up to those around me about my own mishaps at being a decent citizen, wife, and friend, the more I feel like I can breath again.

The universe created a balance, and without the icky parts of life we want to stuff in a remote trash bin, we can’t strive to be good or even have the comparison to enjoy the goodness of life. I know some people would think I’m not marrying the night so to speak, but I am getting there.

Lady Gaga get’s it..

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