5 day water fast – day 2

Darn you.

It’s my second day and I’m I feeling it. I’m tired and supposed to attend my permaculture class in an hour, but what I really want to do is sleep!! Beloved sleep…

I also can’t get my mind off the naughty foods, so I googled images of them and just stared in a food-loving daze. I guess most people blogging about water fasting talk about physical side affects, tips and tricks, etc; but I just can’t be bothered to be stronger than NOT eating. I really want to sink my teeth into the following:

  • pizza
  • cheese, preferably cheddar (or goats cheese with honey, on bread)
  • skittles because I saw them in the petrol station
  • birthday cake
  • coconut ice cream cone, topped with another scoop of pistachio ice cream
  • A really good late (with a little cookie to go with it)
  • Oven fries with an obscene amount of ketchup


A few hours later…

I’m home after my permaculture class and ready to go to bed. Another day done, 3 more to go. I’m not really hungry now but the list above still sounds pretty amazing. That being said, when I go off this fast I’m not going to dive into any of these foods. I’m going to take the high road and eat amazing, healthier foods like:

  • roasted root vegetables with olive oil, sea salt and garlic
  • green salad with avocado, red pepper and pine nuts in a homemade italian dressing
  • cole-slaw, hold the sugar and mayo
  • quinoa salad with cranberries, green onion, turmeric, garlic, pecans, cucumber and peas
  • vegetarian chili (my favourite food to make)
  • dried fruit and nuts together, yummmyyyyy
  • homemade granola
  • some raw desserts such as raw coconut cake or raw cookies: I WILL get my dehydrator out since I’ve been meaning to use more than once in the last 6 months… :/

Ok that’s encouraging, my healthy list is longer than my junk food list.

Lesson for the day on fasting: drink water when you feel hungry. Often times we mistake hunger for what is actually thirst. Then again, I’m hungry gosh darn it.

Will make another update tomorrow. I hope my stomach stops protesting by then as my unknowing colleagues are raising an eyebrow.

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