5-day water fast – day 1

Hello world. This marks my first blog post of my shiny new blog. Weeeee!

I shared my ambition to finally start blogging to a close colleague this morning, and we had a laugh at how many times we’ve both started blogs, deleted them, created new user names and new blogs, only to leave them languish alone with a single post and a whitty about section that we later laugh at.

So, I decided to put a time stamp on this blog to keep myself motivated. For just three months, I will blog everyday about my own evolution with water fasting, meditating, contemplating, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

So let’s talk about the first topic: my 5 day water fast!

Like my blogs, I made 4 attempts, 4 days in a row, to start this fast. I’ve done them before, but this time around I’m going through some drama in my life so I want to eat my emotions away. Ah, bread, pizza, chocolate…CHEESE!!! I’m sitting here next to my husband, who just polished off 4 cheese sandwiches and a nice green salad with tuna, and I survived. Yay!

Why I’m doing a water fast:

  • To remind my sugar-adoring ego and body that food is meant for nourishment, not stuffing one’s face in the face of emotional crisis. It sounds harsh, but it’s not. Too many of us are overeating, and it’s not good for us, our families, or the environment.
  • To release some stored fat that is potentially containing some toxic emotions. I have a feeling that I have pinned up anger in my cells from my history. Through my research, I’ve read that this is a great way to release some of that toxic load.
  • To see if I have an improvement on an issue with candida: the majority of the western population has candida overgrowth, the root of many problems that go undiagnosed by medical doctors, bless their prescription-giving hearts.

So, I will document how things go for the next five days. Then we’ll see what happens.


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  2. wow, now that feels like a long time ago!

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